You must be looking for some help with your tracks.

Well, you came to the right place.

My name is Tom Moncrieff. "Tommy Rude" has been a stage-name of mine for decades. It's just easier to spell (and find).


The purpose of this site is to connect on-line with musical artists, songwriters and musicians who need additional help with their recordings, either in the form of overdubs or putting together the entire backing track. Singer/songwriters often need a sympathetic ear to bring out the best in their music.


I speak fluent guitar, bass and drums. I also arrange and perform horn sections and strings. Second instruments are Dobro, Stand-up Bass and some B3.


I am a career music producer and recording engineer, and my overdubs reflect that kind of over-view and commitment to the song. I do very detailed and thorough work, and can handle all formats.


Like most producers, I like many different kinds of music. I've been playing Rock 'n' Roll and R & B all of my life, a little Bluegrass, Blues, Reggae, a lot of Surf and Punk, and I'm at home making a bunch of racket, or playing a sparse sensitive ballad. I'm a groove player, really, and I like good tone.


If you are looking for a music producer, you can visit McLooney Tunes, where my partner, Annie McLoone, and I have a website specific to producing, recording, mastering and disc duplication.


Let's listen to some examples and see what might be possible.

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